Sound Design

‘Sound’ is an important part of our daily lives, and it is widely known that sound can affect people very positively – and also in a very negative way. Both the negative and the positive influence of sound can be quite extreme, so there is every reason to take the sound environment that we surround ourselves with seriously – both in terms of avoiding the stressful and unpleasant sounds, but also when we are seeking a sound environment and a sound experience that has the opposite stress reducing effect.

“Since 1998 I have worked with development of special music- and nature sound environments, aimed at being both stress relieving and able to create positive optimistic mental stimulation. And in this process I have had an exciting interdisciplinary collaboration with healthcare professionals and researchers working with the question: ‘How does sound environments affect people? – And how can a designed sound environment create renewed motivation and inspiration, and reduce stress?”

A significant number of studies and research projects show that the answer to these questions confirm that sound can greatly affect our mental and physical health – and therefore it is very relevant to show an interest in how our daily sound environment can be improved.

MusiCure sound design is currently implemented in a many clinics, both within healthcare as well as in a number of Wellness, Spa & Treatment centers in Scandinavia.
Similarly, several companies and corporate offices have introduced a non-stress sound policy where employees have the opportunity to experience designed sound environments that have a stress relieving effect, and in addition create a higher level of motivation.

At the ’Vejlefjord Spa & Wellness’ one can experience MusiCure environments in different areas, as well as in the treatment and massage rooms – even under water in the ‘sound-pool’, where you can hear specially composed ’sub-marine’ music.

 The thermal baths at Vejlefjord Spa & Wellness

The Thermal Baths at Vejlefjord Spa & Wellness

“My work with the creation of sound environments is mainly about integration of nature in specially designed musical ‘soundscapes’, which research has shown to be both inspiring and life-affirming for many people”.
These soundscapes (generally named “MusiCure”) contains a certain kind of ‘genre-less’ and universal music, created specifically to merge with specially edited sounds of nature, and the effect of this type of sound environment is now thoroughly documented and described in articles, published in a number of international medical journals”.
Read more about research results with MusiCure here.

Naturama in Svendborg

“Oceans of Sound” – This year’s exhibition at Naturama, where MusiCure is presented in a large format through the film “MusiCure Seasons” by Inge Mulvad Eje. The exhibition describes all aspects of sound and Niels Eje is responsible for manuscripts about music in general, as well as “music as medicine”. Niels Eje also contributes with special compositions played during the exhibition and ‘touch-screen’ interviews with questions and answers about music.

The exhibition at this modern natural history museum runs from  22nd. March to 1st. December 2013
Oceans of Sound at Naturama – info in Danish


The military has shown great interest in the effect that the MusiCure soundscapes can achieve after a sergeant in the Army Operational Command personally experienced how the calming music and soundscapes helped him through a severe PTSD condition, after he had returned from active duty in Bosnia in the 90s.

I 2005 introducerede det danske forsvar MusiCure lydmiljø i Kosovo og Irak

In 2005 the Danish military introduced  ‘MusiCure Pillow’ to the soldiers in Kosovo and Iraq

»It is about how to be able to sit down and concentrate on listening to these sounds – these pure sounds – I had to be at rest. Total peace. And so it began to be exciting«…

Senior sergeant Klaus Skindhøj

(from article in Danish Magazine ’ARTISTEN’ 2011)

Read the complete article the about soldier’s personal story here (article in Danish)

In 2005 the Danish military introcuced the MusiCure sound environment in Kosovo and Iraq. The music was played for the soldiers through an MP3 player via a specially designed pillow with built-in speakers: ‘The MusiCure Pillow’.

Working with sound design:

“With nature as inspiration and basis I seek to create a sort of ‘lifeline’ to life-affirming and inspiring, as well as soothing environments that can reduce stress and create motivation.
I always work with ‘real’ pure sounds, recorded in nature, and music played on acoustic instruments by professional musicians – this applies to specially designed atmospheres for institutions, hospitals, companies, and also productions for video and film”.

Audio and video productions are made through Inge Mulvad and Niels Eje’s own company Gefion Records, and in collaboration with Audiophon recording studio, Dicentia Cross-media, and other external production companies.


Niels Eje recording nature sounds


Exhibition at Naturama