Prizes and Grants:

The Jacob Gade Grant (Jacob Gades legat), 1978

Børge Schrøder and wife Herta Finnerup’s music scholarship, 1990.

”Jante Kultur Prisen” (together with Inge Mulvad Eje), Erhvervsfremme-styrelsen, 2001. (Entreprenour prize from the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth)

Gold award for “Classical Mystery Tour”, Trio Rococo, 1994.

Egmont Foundation, three grants with support to create MusiCure and initiate Musica Humana Research 1998, 2000, 2003.

First Place Professional prize at ’The Blair Sadler Healing Arts Competition’,
under ’The Society for the Arts in Healthcare’, Nashville, USA, 2007.

Touring and traveling with orchestras, ensembles and lecturing 1980-2012: Scandinavia, Greenland, USA, England, Germany, Austria, France, Mexico, Japan.

Lectures and presentations 2003-2018 (selected):

  • Dagkirurgisk årskongres, Nyborg Strand.
  • Præsentation for Egmont Fonden – Dokumentation og resultater
  • Sprogcenter Herning, projekt SYNerGAIA Rehabilitering. Trauma, læring og Neurobiologi.
  • Kommunförbundet Skåne och Kultur Skåne’ Regionhuset Lund ”Kultur i vården”.
  • IN:FUSION” i Salzburg Østrig.
  • Norsk Dagkirurgisk Forum – Soria Moria, Norsk Dagkirugisk kongres.
  • Rigshospitalet, Klinik for Klinisk Fysiologi & Nuklearmedicin og PET & Cyklotron enheden
  • Musikvidenskabeligt Institut, København
  • Snoezelen konferense, Porsgrunn, Norge
  • Boeringer Ingelheim/Eli Lilly, præsentation i Skodsborg,
  • Viborg og Hjørring “Når tonen slår an” for praktiserende læger.
  • SOP Koldingfjord -Tandlæge kongress Selskabet for odontologisk praktik
  • Kræftens Bekæmpelse, København og Aalborg.
  • Dansk Industri, TekSam/CO-industri, Odense Kongres Center
  • Forsvarsakademiet. Præsentaion af ’Musik som Medicin’
  • Children’s Hospital San Diego, USA
  • Sygehuskæden Kaiser Permanente, San Diego USA
  • Privathospitalet Hamlet ’Musik som Medicin’
  • Løsninger for Livet, Eli Lilly Danmark Symposium,Torvehallerne, Vejle.
  • Rigshospitalets 250 års jubilæum, København
  • Regionshuset Lund, Sverige “Kultur i Vården”
  • ’Get Well Network’, Washington DC, USA
  • Society for the Arts in Healtcare, Nashville USA
  • LYDENS KRAFT Hearts & Hands, Århus musikhus,
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Odense Universitetshospital, Tema-aften “Musik i Plejen”
  • HospiceLimfjord Temadag “SANSER I Spil”
  • Niels Eje om MusiCure, Herlev Hospital
  • Kursusdag i ‘Musik som Medicin’
  • Comwell Borupgaard for praktiserende læger i Danmark.
  • Guldmann, international konference, Hindsgavl
  • Årsmøde for danske Ørelæger, Kullen, Sverige
  • Symposium Diagostisk Center, Rigshospitalet
  • Høvelte kaserne, Den Kongelige Livgarde – gæsteforedrag i forb. med træningsprogrammet ‘Mental Robusthed’ (Eva Hertz)
  • “Oceaner af Lyd”, at the ‘Naturama’ museum in Svendborg – Manuscript, compositions and ‘touch-screen’ Q&As by Niels Eje
  • Presentation at the Seventh Annual On Lok Sustainable Long-Term Care Conference: ”Social Prescriptions” September 16, 2014. Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, San Francisco, USA.
  • Evidensbaserad intensivvård med ljus och ljudmiljö
    Hotell Eggers, Göteborg 18. oktober 2018
    Arr.: Ecophon & Chromaviso
  • Kardiologisk sygeplejesymposium,
    Keynote Speaker Niels Eje, 27. september 2018
    Rigshospitalet, auditorium 1

’The Blair Sadler Healing Arts Competition’

’The Blair Sadler Healing Arts Competition’, Nashville, USA 2007 – from left: Niels Eje, Annette Ridenour, Inge Mulvad Eje og Blair L. Sadler

Rigshospitalets auditorium 1

Lecture at Rigshospitalets (Danish State Hospital) auditorium 1

Herlev Hospital

Research posters at Clinical Physiological Ward, Herlev Hospital – Mona Gerhardt and Niels Eje

Foredrag på Herlev Hospital

Lecture at Herlev Hospital, auditorium 1

Articles about research with MusiCure, written and published by independent researchers and healthcare professionals from Scandinavia and USA

1. Internationally published articles:

Music interventions in patients during coronary angiographic procedures: A randomized controlled study of the effect on patients’ anxiety and well-being. Birgit P. Weeks, a and Ulrica Nilsson b,* a Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, USA. b Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Centre for Health Care Sciences, Örebro University Hospital, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden. Published in European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (2010)

School-aged children’s experiences of postoperative music medicine on pain, distress, and anxiety. Authors: Stefan Nilsson RN, MSC*†, co-authors: Eva Kokinsky MD, PhD*, Ulrica Nilsson RNA, PhD‡ and Karin Enskär RN, PhD† *Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, The Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg , †Department of Nursing Science, School of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Jönköping and ‡Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and Centre for Health Care Sciences, Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden. Published in Paediatric Anaesthesia 2010

Soothing music can increase oxytocin levels during bed rest after open-heart surgery: a randomised control trial Author: Ulrica Nilsson Assisting Professor, RNA and PhD at the Centre for Health Care Sciences at Örebro University Sweden. Published in Journal of Clinical Nursing August 2009

Patients’ perception of music versus ordinary sound in a post anaesthesia care unit: a randomised crossover trial. Malmoe University Hospital, Sweden, Ann-Charlotte Fredriksson, Leif Hellström, Ulrica Nilsson Published in Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 2009

The effect of music intervention in stress response to cardiac surgery in a randomized clinical trial. Author: Ulrica Nilsson Assisting Professor, RNA and PhD at the Centre for Health Care Sciences at Örebro University Sweden. Published in ’Heart & Lung – The journal of Acute and Critical Care’Oct.2008

Designed sound and music environment in post anaesthesia care units–a multicentre study of patients and staff. Authors: Thorgaard P, Ertmann E, Hansen V, Noerregaard A, Hansen V, Spanggaard L. Published in Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 2004.

The effect of music on heart rate and motion artefacts during gamma camera acquisition for myocardial perfusion scintigraphy. (Poster from Herlev University Hoapital) By: Pulawska T., Gerhardt M., Sondergaard, S. and Zerahn,B.

Meaning, Power and Exoticism in Medicinal Music: A Case Study of MusiCure in Denmark Author: Tore Tvarnø Lind – Tore Tvarnø Lind is Assistant Professor in ethnomusicology at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.2.November 2007. Published in Ethnomusicology Forum 2007.

Specially selected music in the cardiac laboratory—an important tool for improvement of the wellbeing of patients. Authors: Gøtzsche B, Henriksen BB, Pedersbaek G, Thomsen I. Published in European journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 2003

Implicit Processing of Visual Emotions Is Affected by Sound-Induced Affective States and Individual Affective Traits by Tiziana Quarto, Giuseppe Blasi, Karen Johanne Pallesen, Alessandro Bertolino and Elvira Brattico – Published July 2014 at PLOS ONE

Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis – a review article by Jenny Hole, Martin Hirsch, Elizabeth Ball and Catherine Meads. Published August 13. 2015 in The Lancet (with reference to 5 studies using MusiCure by Niels Eje).

The Effects of Perioperative Music Interventions in Pediatric Surgery – by Marianne J. E. van der Heijden, Sadaf Oliai Araghi, Monique van Dijk, Johannes Jeekel and M. G. Myriam Hunink. Published August 2015 at PLOS ONE (with reference to the study: School-aged children’s experiences of postoperative music medicine on pain, distress, and anxiety, by Stefan Nilsson et al.)

Review article in THE LANCET: “Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis” – an interesting overview and insight into how music can improve recovery after surgical procedures – studies with MusiCure mentioned in 5 out of 72 articles. Authors: Jenny Hole, Martin Hirsch, Elizabeth Ball, Catherine Meads – published August 2015 in THE LANCET

2. Studies published in Nordic medical journals and by Musica Humana Research:

Treatment with MusiCure of psychiatric patients suffering from anxiety – a pilot study Author and project coordinator: Torben Egelund Soerensen, Candidate in Music therapy, Psychiatric Department, Horsens Hospital, Denmark. Supervisor: Joergen Tybjerg, MD, Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Department, Horsens Hospital, Denmark. Published October 2004

Designed sound environment for heart patients before and after invasive procedures Author and study leader: Bitten Gøtzsche, Ward Nurse, Cardiac Laboratory, Department of Cardiology, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark. Published 2010

Can music improve patients’ mental wellbeing perioperatively? By Marianne Jungersen, Surgical Nurse, Day surgery Department R, Ullevaal University Hospital, Norway Published in the Norwegian nurse sheet “Overview” 2006, and at Musica Humana Research

Music intervention among children with autism spectrum disorder and sleeping difficulties By Susan Gulstad, Education Consultant, Egebakken – school for children with autism, Denmark and Dr. Per Thorgaard, Aalborg University Hospital. Published 2006

Music for patients in intensive care and recovery wards at Odense University Hospital Music therapy during the recovery process after major surgical procedures. By Vibeke Hansen, Specialist nurse at VITA, Odense University Hospital and Anni Nørregaard, Clinical nurse teacher, ICU V, Odense University Hospital. Published May 2004

Summary of project Ataraxia. By PhD student, music therapist, teacher Karin Schou. A project at Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark, describing the effect of music on pain, nausea, well being and anxiety in a post anaesthetic care unit. Number of patients: 200 Published November 2003

Music reduces anxiety and discomfort during dialysis treatment By Hanne Agnholt, clinical nurse, and nurses Birthe Gross, Inger Bjerre Rosa, Fantahun Wassie Ketema, and Birgitte Schantz Laursen, senior researcher. Published in journal ‘Dialäsen’ 2011

Reduction of anxiety in heart patients using existential psychology & music medicine A Bachelor student project at the Danish Nursing school, by Morten Thomas Guldager. Published 2010

Musikkens muligheder – a bachelor project about the use of music for children with cancer, by Rose Marie Majlund Kent, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University. Published 2013

Musikpuden – en kvalitativ undersøgelse af depressive patienters oplevelse af velvære  (a bachelor project about treatment with MusiCure music and MusiCure Pillow to patients suffering from depression). by Paula M. Ihlen, Amalie Vincensen, Zenia Hansen og Camilla E. Hess – University College Sjælland – Campus Næstved 2016

Effekten af musik før og under koloskopi Anne Sofie Bomholt, udviklingssygeplejerske, cand.cur., Luana Leonora Jensen, ledende overlæge, MD, Lone Dragnes Brix, klinisk specialist, cand. scient. san, ph.d. – Bedøvelse, Operation og Intensiv, Regionshospitalet Horsens. Poster presented at Dansk selskab for Anæstesiologi og Intensiv Medicin (DASAIM) 2018.

Our Musical Brain By Lars Heslet, Professor, Dr. Med. Head of Intensive Care Section 4131, Danish State Hospital Published November 2003

Medicine and Music The use of specially designed music in Intensive Care Section 4131, Danish State Hospital Copenhagen Denmark By Lars Heslet Professor, Dr. Med. Head of ICU 4131, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Published June 2003