News from Denmark:

Invited by entrepreneur and Editor of magazine Sund-Forskning (Healthy Research), Marianne Palm, Inge and I participated today in the magazine’s trade fair “Danish Health and Science Award”  at DOCKEN in Copenhagen, and received a special award as the year’s Bridge-builders for the creation of MusiCure. We are very proud because of the reasons for the award, which says “a prize for someone who makes a difference for ill and hospitalized people and who is also building bridges between different disciplines for the benefit of health.” A big thank you to Marianne and the team behind Healthy Research!

Award for MusiCure april 2018


Politiken October 20. 2017  

Stort interview med Niels Eje om skabelsen af MusiCure

September 2017

Welfare Tech articleTest af Streaming MusiCure og MusiCure Pillow på OUH Svendborg (article in Danish)

Artikel fra Welfare Tech September 2017



30. november 2016

Ny Streaming tjeneste med MusiCure

Streaming MusiCure er en ny streaming tjeneste som tilbyder specielt designet og evidensbaseret MusiCure musik og naturfilm til afstressende positive og inspirerende oplevelser.

Under overskriften ’Bring naturen ind’ henvender tjenesten sig til alle – både private og selvstændige behandlere, institutioner, virksomheder, samt plejecentre og sygehuse i Danmark.

Et privatabonnement koster 98 kr. inkl. moms pr. måned – Et Institutionsabonnement (sygehuse, plejecentre, etc.), med op til 50 samtidige brugere, koster 750 kr. ex. moms pr. måned. Begge abonnementstyper har 1 måneds gratis prøveperiode!

Tjenesten introducerer streaming af mere end 24 timers MusiCure musik og naturfilm, direkte til abonnenternes PC/Mac, Tablet, iPhone/iPad, Smart-TV, eller andre digitale medier. Et abonnement giver mulighed for ubegrænset afspilning og anvendelse, både for private og professionelle behandlere. 

Alt indhold er skabt på basis af 18 års udvikling og forskning, og er komponeret og produceret af Inge Mulvad Eje og Niels Eje.

Formålet med denne streaming tjeneste er, at formidle positiv livsbekræftende stimulation og skabe en beroligende stressfri atmosfære, gennem specielt designet musik, og film med naturmotiver, fordelt på 4 separate kanaler:

1. MusiCure musik kanalen – specielt sammensatte MusiCure programmer og ’pauser’ med natur-atmosfærer.

2. Procedure kanalen – helt specifikke og tidsafmålte behandlingsprogrammer med MusiCure.

3. Naturfilm kanalen – naturstemninger fra hele verden, uden tale, og kun med MusiCure musik som baggrund.

4. Nat/Søvn kanalen – 8 timer med rolig MusiCure musik til indslumring og lyden af havets bølger hele natten.

Se mere information her:StreamingMusiCure


“Musik skaber bedre vilkår for helbredelse”

April 2016: – ny artikel i Jyllandspostens tillæg Livsstil/Sundhed, om musikkens helbredende potentiale. I artiklen interviewes professor Lars Ole Bonde og Niels Eje.

Læs hele artiklen her: Musik skaber bedre vilkår for helbredelse 

August 2015: New review article published in The Lancet

THE LANCET – often described as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world – has August 13. 2015 published a new review article focusing on how music can help patients reduce pain and anxiety during the postoperative period. The article “Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis” provides an interesting overview and insight into how music can improve recovery after surgical procedures.
The authors: Jenny Hole, Martin Hirsch, Elizabeth Ball, Catherine Meads has out of 4261 scientific studies chosen 72 previously published research projects describing randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of adult patients undergoing surgical procedures. They included selected RCTs in which any form of music initiated before, during, or after surgery was compared with standard care or other non-drug interventions.
Among the 72 chosen articles for review are 5 describing research with Niels Eje’s MusiCure, including articles by Nilsson, Fredriksson, Weeks, Gravesen and Sommer, previously published in European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, Heart & Lung – The journal of Acute and Critical Care and Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavia. Among the findings in this article are evidence showing that music could reduce postoperative pain, anxiety and increase patient satisfaction – read the complete article here.
The Lancet publishes original research articles, review articles (“seminars” and “reviews”), editorials, book reviews, correspondence, as well as news features and case reports. The Lancet has been owned by Elsevier since 1991 and the journal has editorial offices in London, New York, and Beijing.

June 2015

Scandic Health website introduced in USA

A new service was in June this year introduced to hospitals in the United States: Scandic Health! A web-based company that offers live streaming solutions with MusiCure music and videos directly to the hospital wards subscribing to receive specially compiled MusiCure programs, available around the clock in very high digital quality through streaming.
Founder and CEO is registered nurse and entrepreneur Anne Taylor, who through many years of positive experience with the use of MusiCure has developed the concept ‘Scandic Health’ under the motto ‘Bringing the outside in’. Her company can now offer a unique service, with soothing music and specially produced films to benefit patients in US hospitals. Read more about Scandic Health at the Scandic Health website

Conference ‘On Lok’ San Francisco 2014

Composer and founder Niels Eje was this year invited to be a speaker at the Seventh Annual On Lok Sustainable Long-Term Care Conference: ”Social Prescriptions” on September 16, 2014. The conference was held at Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, San Francisco. He gave a 45 minute presentation with special focus on ‘Evidence-based music medicine’, and showed examples of his work with the specially composed MusiCure program, as well as a review of much of the research that has taken place with his music since 1999 and which is now published in international medical journals.

 At the conference we also had an opportunity to demonstrate the newly developed “MusiCure Pillow” and many of the 300 participants enjoyed hearing excerpts from the MusiCure CD’s through this comfortable new high quality accessory for listening to music. All the speakers at the conference helped to elucidate new innovative ideas for improving care for the elderly, and the whole event fully lived up to the overall objective: “Social Prescriptions for Health and Well-Being”.


New album presentation video at “Listen to all MusiCure albums – Relaxation & Inspiration” Go to the MusiCure site here or watch the video at YouTube here – Please enjoy, and relax!


New release December 2013: MusiCure Moonlight & Nature Meditation 2 CD Album. The album MusiCure MOONLIGHT & NATURE MEDITATION consists of 2 CDs. The first contains the ‘Moonlight suite’, which includes four linked compositions – all inspired by the moonlight at different times of the day. The second CD ‘Nature Meditation’ is a meditative journey in words and music where the narrator, in close harmony with the music, takes the listener on a journey into nature. The four moods in the Moonlight suite describes both the magical moonlight of the night, pictures of dancing clouds in front of the moon during the day and evening, and finally moonbeams penetrating the nocturnal forest, with night birds singing in the distance. In ‘Nature Meditation’ the narrator’s voice melts in with the music and introduces a new form of meditation, which describes a journey through landscapes of changing nature. The narrators are Thomas Eje (Danish) and Scott Farrell Strichen (English). Link to buy the 2 CD Album: MusiCure Moonlight & Nature Meditation