Niels Eje – a life in music

Born 1954 in Copenhagen and raised in a family of artists (painters, graphic designers, enamel artists, sculptors etc.). Began at an early age to play piano and guitar, and was in 1961 admitted to a school where the pupils received music lessons at a very early stage of the general education. Was during the school years member of several bands and started also to play saxophone in the late sixties.

Received from 1971 oboe lessons at the ‘Danish Music Academy’ (a private music school in Copenhagen), with Principal Oboist Bjørn Carl Nielsen as teacher, and began in 1974 studies with Professor Jørgen Hammergaard at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music.

Was in 1978 awarded the ’The Jacob Gade Grant’ for young musicians. Further oboe studies with Lothar Koch (Berlin Philharmonic) at The International Summer Academy “Mozarteum” in Salzburg, with diploma (1984).
Joined after audition the position as Principal Oboe in Danish Radio Concert Orchestra/Sinfonietta in February 1979, and was the following four years employed in this orchestra.

Was in 1983 appointed the position as Co-Principal Oboe in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and worked until 1990 in RSO’s oboe group, alongside with his two master teachers Bjørn Carl Nielsen and Jørgen Hammergaard. Chose in 1990 to resign his position in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and focus on composition, soloist and chamber music activities.

Participates as oboist in Palle Mikkelborg’s performance of ‘AURA’ with Danish Radio Big Band, at the Sonning Prize award to Miles Davis 1984, and the following recording of the work, where the movement ‘White’ was written for trumpet, oboe and electronics (Miles Davis and Niels Eje).

Co-founder of several ensembles: ‘Trio Rococo’, Wind Ensemble ‘Selandia’ and ‘Solisti Pro Musica’. Arranged and composed a lot of material for Trio Rococo, especially within a repertoire of music that crosses genre boundaries – so-called ‘crossover’ music (see list of CD releases).

Worked in the period 1991-1996 as music consultant for an open air theatrical scene in Copenhagen (Grønnegårds Teatret), and in collaboration with theater leader Lars Liebst, as artistic director of the summer music festival ‘Music in Grønnegården’.

Composed and arranged music for the following theatrical stage performances:

  1. Hexerie eller Blind Alarm (Holberg) 1992
  2. The Triumph of Love (Marivaux) 1993
  3. Great Expectations (Dickens) 1994
  4. The Marriage of Figaro (Beaumarchais) 1994

Wrote original music to corporate films for Sandoz, EAC, Lego and the TV production ‘Art In The City’. Sound design for the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen

In 1994 Trio Rococo released an album with Beatles classics in new arrangements by Niels Eje and Inge Mulvad Eje. This album “Classical Mystery Tour” was on the charts for over a year and received a Gold award as the first ‘classic’ ensemble ever in Denmark. Since the mid-nineties, Trio Rococo also collaborated with the famous Bass player Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, and in 1998 a tour of Denmark with Trio Rococo and NHØP was recorded and released as the album “In The Name Of Music”.

1998 was also the year where the interdisciplinary project “Musica Humana” was initiated by Inge Mulvad and Niels Eje, together with Professor MD Lars Heslet, who was head of the intensive care unit 4131 at the Danish State Hospital in Copenhagen. The project was financially supported by the Egmont Foundation with a total of three grants to cover the costs for the production of a new specially composed music program, and initiate research in this music’s effect on hospitalized patients. The idea behind the creation of specially composed music for stress relief and treatment arose out of the Musica Humana project, in which the core idea being to both create and simultaneously scientifically document the new music program, which was created from scratch specifically for therapeutic purposes.

From this starting point the foundation was laid for the development of the new original music program, which later got the overall title ‘MusiCure’, and at the same time a group of music therapists, doctors and nurses carried out a number of studies and research projects with the music. These studies took place primarily at University Hospitals in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and in the United States.
Further information about Musica Humana/MusiCure can be found at and – and under the menu About MusiCure on this site

Also during the late nineties the company ‘Amazing Music’ was founded. One of the world’s first companies to present and distribute digital sheet music online. Some years later the company changed its name to ‘’ and as founders of the company Inge and Niels Eje were awarded the ‘Janteknuser Culture Award 2001’ by the Danish The Ministry of Business and Growth, and were together with the Danish Minister for Research invited to a meeting with Mikhail Gorbatjov in Moscow.

Since 2006, Niels Eje has been working full time with composition and production of MusiCure series, preparation of special music programs for research, sound design and lectures at home and abroad. Besides composing and producing music, these activities have mainly included lectures, presentations and sound design implementation in Norway, Sweden, England, Austria and the United States (including the American hospital chain Kaiser Permanente, Children’s Hospital San Diego, ‘Get Well Network’ and ‘Society for the Arts in Healthcare’).
Received together with Inge Mulvad Eje ”1st Prize Professional” at the ’Blair L. Sadlers Healing Arts Competition’, Nashville USA 2007. The prize was given for the creation of MusiCure.

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Niels Eje med sin obo

Niels Eje with his oboe


Niels Eje as oboist in the DR Symphony orchestra, with flutist Toke Lund Christiansen

 Trio Rococo   Niels Eje, obo. Berit Spælling, harpe. Inge Mulvad Eje, cello

Trio Rococo “Classical Mystery Tour”: Berit Spælling, harp, Niels Eje, oboe og Inge Mulvad Eje, cello

Niels Eje sammen med overlæge, professor Lars Heslet

Niels Eje together with Professor MD Lars Heslet

Besøg hos Gorbatjov i Moskva

Press conference with Mikhail Gorbatjov in Moscow

MusiCure Poster

MusiCure Poster