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MusiCure – The official website with information about all MusiCure albums, background, news and online CD shop, and information about research with the MusiCure music: scientific articles and applications for ‘music as medicine’.

Arte booking – Lectures and presentations with Niels Eje


Niels Eje


Musica Humana


Pharmacies in Denmark and Norway:



Apotek 1 Norge



Partner in USA: Scandic Health (streaming solutions for hospitals)

ASAP Design – Sille Aasmul

Photographer Bjørn Wennerwald 

Photographer and watercolor artist Arius Hopman Kauai, Hawaii

Ulrica Nilsson – Professor at Örebro University, Sweden

Cymatics – website of Jeff Volk (Cymaticsource), USA

SoundFocus – sound systems for healthcare

Wellness Nordic – Relax og massage chairs

Dicentia – cross media production

Senter for Livshjelp – Dr. Audun Myskja’s website

Center for Mental Robusthed

Dansk Flygtningehjælp & Røde Kors

Vejlefjord Kur & Spa – Vejlefjord Spa og Wellness

Alzheimers foreningen – web shop 

Aleris Hamlet Hospitals

AS3 Work&Care

DPA Microphones

Thomas Eje – brother & partner in music, and life


Articles & Blogs (selected):

Krigstraume helbredt med musik – ARTISTEN, 2010 (in Danish)

Welfare Tech article – Test af Streaming MusiCure 2017 (in Danish)

FOA Magasinet – Musikken er som lydmalerier (in Danish)

MusiCure, Entspannung mit musik – Brigitte Magazin (in German)

Articles and news about Niels Eje and MusiCure in English click here (MusiCure website)

More articles in Danish at the MusiCure website: Nyheder og Medier


Videos (selected)

MusiCure Documentary – Information om MusiCure (in English)

Aftenshowet DR 1 – Interview with Niels Eje (in Danish)

Listen to all MusiCure albums – Relaxation & Inspiration

– most recent MusiCure videos on YouTube (2012-14)

Inquiry – TOUCHSTONE video May 2012, from ‘Colors in Motion’

The Premise and the Promise – TOUCHSTONE video November 2012, from ‘Colors in Motion’

Walking in Beauty – TOUCHSTONE video December 2013, from ‘Colors in Motion’

Søvn mor – Music therapy with MusiCure/Maysound, for refugees